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Driven by a belief in fair housing for all, we partner with forward-thinking landlords to redefine the standards of the rental industry, ensuring everyone finds a place to call home.

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We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and providing fair housing options for everyone. Through our collaborative approach, we create inclusive rental opportunities that champion people over paperwork.

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Do you have a property to rent? We have a long list of potential tenants who are waiting on someone like you saying yes.

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Looking for a more conventional rental experience? No problem. But know that your fees will be re-invested for good.

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Our managed rental service has been designed from the ground up to ensure an excellent experience for both Landlords and Tenants alike.


Yes Lets offers a bespoke lettings service, catering to diverse needs. Our service includes finding the perfect tenant, full property management, and aiding in investment portfolio growth. We blend quality marketing, market savvy, and experienced partnerships to help unlock your property's true potential guided by a commitment to making a positive impact.


Ensuring tenant satisfaction, we promptly address maintenance issues using qualified contractors. Our comprehensive insurance provides peace of mind, while transparent communication keeps all parties informed. Regular inspections are conducted to proactively resolve potential issues, keeping properties in excellent condition.

Rent Collection

Our efficient rent collection service simplifies the landlord experience, assuring timely tenant payments. We adhere to leading deposit protection standards to safeguard interests of both landlords and tenants. Our transparent and compliant approach ensures fair resolutions at tenancy's end, underpinning your property investments with security.

Bringing decades of experience from the rental industry.

Yes Lets was founded by a small group of seasoned estate agents who have worked in some of the biggest agencies in the UK.

We know the rental market

Our team brings years of industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the rental market.

Passion led us here

We’re passionate about helping people rent their properties and find homes, this isn’t just a job for us.

Multiple Paths, One Mission

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Capital Investor

By becoming a capital investor, you directly fuel our mission. Your contributions go towards acquiring new properties, bolstering tenant support, and amplifying our reach.

Partner Landlords

Seeking a more meaningful connection? Join our Partner Landlord initiative. Collaborate with a team of like-minded individuals, pool resources, and co-invest in a property. Every shared contribution results in a new home for someone who needs it.


Got a property and considering partnering with us? We pride ourselves on matching properties with the right tenants. Whether you're open to more traditional tenants or those from diverse backgrounds, we'll find a fit that respects your preferences. Together, we ensure every tenant finds a place they can call home.

2-Bedroom Maisonette

Small Family Home

Two bedroom maisonette featuring a modern kitchen and furnished living space, creating a stylish and comfortable home.

2-Bedroom Maisonette

Small Family Home

Impeccably refurbished and furnished, this two bedroom maisonette offers stylish and modern accommodation in the outskirts of Nottingham.

4 Bedroom House

Family Home

Four-bedroom detached house featuring modern amenities, spacious interiors and refined design for comfortable and stylish living.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Yes Lets and our mission.

Is Yes Lets a Community Interest Company?

Yes Lets is a pioneering CIC that aims to create an inclusive rental marketplace, providing equal opportunities for individuals with challenging backgrounds. We believe in championing every person's right to a home, irrespective of their past.

How does your rental process work?

Yes Lets partners with property-owning landlords who share our vision for equality. By renting through Yes Lets, landlords not only provide housing for individuals with difficult histories but also contribute to meaningful social action initiatives. Investor landlords can also make a capital contribution to help us acquire new properties.

Who can join?

Yes Lets welcomes property-owning landlords who are committed to making a positive impact in their community. Whether you have a property to let or want to contribute as an investor landlord, there is a place for you in our movement.

How can I benefit?

By partnering with Yes Lets, landlords can benefit from the expertise of seasoned estate agents and contribute to social change. Investor landlords can also enjoy returns from property value appreciation while making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

How do I join?

To join Yes Lets as a property-owning landlord or investor landlord, simply reach out to us through our website. We will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Yes Lets has been a game-changer for me. Their service is amazing and it’s nice to know that what I’m doing is helping people.

Adam Campbell


Living in a property managed by Yes Lets wasn't just about having a roof over my head, it is like being part of a community that genuinely cares about my well being.


Tenant, Yes Lets

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